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    Придбаний Magical Blocks - Token sale. Group buy cryptocurrency

    Magical Blocks (MBLK) are an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum network and are the main in-game currency in Legends of Bezogia and all future Zogi Labs titles. Players earn MBLK by killing enemies, completing quests, and as a reward for staking. Get in Early on the $MBLK Pre-Sale Magical...
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    Придбаний Sango - Token sale. Group buy cryptocurrency

    SANGO is The First Digital Monetary System Powered by the Bitcoin Blockchain. SANGO: The multi-dimensional asset Backed by Bitcoin The Country Treasury will have a dedicated Bitcoin reserve Transfer of value Payments: pay and get paid instantly and securely worldwide, powered by blockchain...
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    Придбаний SuiPad - Token sale group buy (Joe Wan, Daffy Lau)

    SuiPad is a community-centric premier launchpad for innovative blockchain startups on Sui network. Launchpad Access SuiPad top tier crypto IDO projects before they hit the market. Stake $SUIP tokens to get priority access to promising projects. A liquidity fundraising platform enabling Tier...
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    Придбаний CyberConnect - Token sale group buy

    Registration Deadline: May 15 at 12:00 UTC Sale Begins: May 18 at 17:00 UTC About CyberConnect The current social network landscape is dominated by a limited number of profit-driven corporations, whose primary focus is their own financial interests. As a result, these platforms often exploit...